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About Us

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Sands uses wire to wrap natural elements found on our alpaca ranch in Nevada and elsewhere on our beauiful Earth, creating unusual wearables, aka "Outrageous Ornaments." Mainly pendants are designed, however of late rings, earrings and even ancient "watches" have been added to her jewelry line. The rocks, either natural, polished, or tumbled, are often from nearby mineral rich lands with some exceptions such as Native America pottery shards,glass slag, or other natural elements which adds further drama.. Each jewelry piece is one-of-a-kind and consistently inconsistent. Agate, obsidian, petrified wood, gems such as emeralds and rubies, all can be found in the sales pages or photo gallery. Have a special request or need...just ask.

Who Is Sands?

Me? I am a very lucky woman, married with two daughters and three granddaughters, living in the middle of nowhere with two dogs, one cat and 85 alpacas on about 20 acres with a liberal sprinkling of rocks spread all 'round. We enjoy looking to the sky for bright blue, long range views which are interrupted on occasion by fiery and multi-colored sunrises and sunsets. Sands has traveled the world over her 70 years of life and fell in love with the talent displayed in handmade items created by artisans from many cultures, wild nature, animals and rocks. .

Why Rocks?

Rocks, well, they rock!  Gems, fossils, volcanic glass, minerals, beads - all have a character of their own and are unique..  Rocks are the most ancient of things and wearing a rock jewelry piece is not unlike wearing the history of our planet.   Earthy!  Some say rocks have meaning and various healing capabilities.   I hope you will find rocks and their diversity as intriguing as I do.  Love a rock...wear one out to dinner or a football game today.